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Professional chases made YOUTH being an expert of plastic machinery. Also, the non-satisfied creative spirit made all people in Youth keep studying and developing for the industrial techniques .Starting from the requirement of clients. YOUTH creates the bigger value by passing the new development of techniques

Sources from professional and creative, YOUTH will be your best cooperative partner in Extrusion Industry.


Youth's logo design ideas

1. Youth's logo designed as "" (infinity), which vividly expresses the meaning of long-term, infinite and eternal. It passes on Youth's belief of sustainable development and agelong business as well as the" Built to Last "in the pursuit;

2.Youth's logo hidden the letters C (China), Y (Youth), P (Plastic), M (Machine), which expresses Youth's industry position, but also shows Youth's faith to become the elite in China's plastic machinery industry;

3.The beautiful logo "" shapes as if two screw threads assorted with each other closely. The image of Youth’s logo like the "twin-screw" section of the core components in plastic machinery, which not only highlight the characteristics of plastic machinery industry, but also pass Youth's core concept on technology.

4.Youth’s logo "" refers to the interlocking twin-screw-shaped, which implies the precise coordination and superb technique of Youth. The “infinity” is also a symbol of excelsior products and the short line likes the thread at the top of logo breaks the absolute balance and expresses the Youth’s spirit of innovation;

5.The Chinese standard word shows very especial and modern, especially exceptional design on the upper right corner of Youth logo. The "short write" just as mechanical processing tools, it represents the innovation and personality of the Youth.

6.The word YOUTH, particularly in "O" , which adds a symbol of mechanical --"gear" image and strengthens its visual identity;

7.The standard color -- blue refers to Youth’s profound technology; orange means good service and outstanding innovation.